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Core Services & Training

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My goal is to help you develop a healthy lifestyle so you can experience all the adventures and wonders

of our amazing world.


Let's get you going, so you can get out and play!

Biking for exercise and rehabilitation

I offer a variety of dietary and physical assessment and training plans.  


Since I use a holistic approach, your activity levels, stress levels, medical issues, dietary problems and lifestyle influences play a large role in how your plan will be designed to help you reach your goals.


Programs and plans are developed to meet an individual's need, whether that need is for specific training for an event, an energizing program that focuses on rehabilitation from an injury or illness, or a stress-reducing plan that includes exercises and lifestyle changes to cope with an ever-increasing demanding world. 

Program Sessions Offered


Core DOES Matter  -  3 sessions  |   $300.00


Most people are aware having a strong core is crucial, but few know how to do the proper core exercises needed.  This program will show you how. The assessment includes a physical assessment and a dietary assessment to identify foods that might be harming your core’s ability to function properly. 


From the assessment, you will receive some dietary recommendations and two workout programs.  In the third session we will assess the progress made, go over any exercises you might have questions about and see if we can advance your exercises.


This is a great program for anyone who wants to learn some great core exercises he or she can perform at home or for athletes who want a sport-specific core workout.  I also highly recommend this program for anyone with chronic back pain (which often involves the core), and anyone who has had abdominal surgery or mothers who were not shown how to rehabilitate their core after giving birth.

Young Woman in the Gym
Core DOES Matter

Posture Perfect  -  3 sessions  |   $275.00


Package includes 3 sessions, assessment and two workout sessions.

Posture is the beginning and end of every movement, so make sure your posture is good so you move correctly!

This is an ideal package for those who have posture issues such as tight necks and shoulders, who sit a lot or have a repetitive job.  How is the action you are performing affecting your body if you do it 3,000 times?  Is it good or bad for your posture?  We can address these issues and help you have the best posture possible.

Since many of the exercises and stretches are performed with just body weight, most of these can be done at home, so this is a very versatile program for those not wanting a gym membership or are looking for a way to establish a healthy, daily routine of movement without complete exertion.

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Pregnant Woman Staying Fit

Pre & Post Natal Program  -  Customized Sessions & Pricing


One of the frustrations I have is the lack of physical preparation and rehabilitation pregnant women receive prior to and after their pregnancy.  Quite frequently women come to me with chronic injuries, incontinence, core instability, etc., that trace back to their pregnancies that they deal with for months or even years after giving birth.

I can help you prepare for pregnancy with a customized workout program that will strengthen your body, particularly the core and back, to make sure you are strong and ready for child birth.  Postnatal exercises address strengthening the overall body, particularly the pelvic floor, to help you recover and regain any strength lost during pregnancy.

This program can be done entirely online, using video conferencing and our online training application that helps both of us track your progress.

Stretching Program 2 sessions  |  $215

Stretching is like tuning a guitar.  You want to tighten the loose muscles and loosen the tight muscles, let me help you tune your body! 


Aches and pains as well as poor athletic performances and postural problems can be addressed and corrected through a proper stretching program. 


This option is ideal for anyone who wants to explore the benefits of stretching to address postural issues or for an athlete who is in-season and doesn't need a weight-training program but wants a stretching program that complements his/her sport. 


The program includes a postural assessment and a customized stretching program to fit your needs.

Dietary Wellness Program and Assessment
Dietary Wellness Program


3 sessions  |  $275

Package includes 3 sessions, assessment, suggested dietary changes and follow-up.


'Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine,' was Hippocrates' suggestion and this is exactly what the Dietary Wellness Package program does.  The program can help the athlete in training for a specific event or someone who is struggling with dietary issues ranging from irritable bowl syndrome, gluten intolerance, food allergies or unknown causes of bloating, cramping and physical pain.


Dietary Wellness Package includes:

  • An analysis of a food log to determine where improvements can be made

  • Metabolic typing to determine what protein/carbohydrate/fats and oils ratio is best to help you reach your ideal state of health

  • Guidance in addressing digestive issues

  • Assistance in developing a food plan to fit your lifestyle whether you are a busy mother, a meat-loving carnivore or a green-loving vegan

  • Guided shopping tour of a local grocery store to learn which brands to buy and which to avoid

  • Monthly seasonal recipes and suggestions

  • Follow-up to review the program and make further changes based on your body's responses and needs


Personal Trainer Stretching Session
Athletic Training & Physical Wellness 


3 sessions  |  $300

Package includes 3 sessions, assessment, workout program and follow-up. 


To live is to move, to move is to live!  This program will ensure you are on the path to optimal health, whether your target is weight loss, athletic training for specific sports or events, physical rehabilitation or lifestyle challenges.


Athletic Training & Physical Wellness Package includes:

  • A physical/nutritional assessment

  • Postural assessment to determine what musculoskeletal relationships are the source of pain or are inhibiting athletic performance

  • Individualized stretching program to address postural issues or muscle imbalances and restrictions

  • Individualized workout program created to fit your needs whether they are weight loss, training for a specific event or overall health

  • Lifestyle assessment to pinpoint what improvements can be made to improve vitality

  • Follow-up to review the program and make further changes based on your body's responses and needs

  • Option to continue workouts for $85 per hour

Golf Specific


3 sessions  |  $275

Package includes 3 sessions, assessment, workout program and follow-up.


Get the flexibility, stability, strength and power you need to play at your highest potential! 


Despite its idyllic images of manicured courses and social gatherings, golf is a very demanding sport that requires specific flexibility, stability, strength and power. 


Ensure you are at the top of your game by participating in the golf package.


Golf Specific Package includes:

  • A posture and strength assessment to determine what biomechanical improvements can be made

  • An individualized stretching program to address muscle imbalances which are affecting your swing

  • An individualized workout program designed to give you the flexibility, stability, strength and power the sport requires

  • Follow-up to review the program and make further changes based on your body's responses and needs

  • Option to continue workouts for $85 per hour

Special Offer!


Pick two for $515 when you choose between the Dietary, Athletic & Physical, and Golf Specific programs.


Core Matters SLC

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