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Lotions & Potions for Adventurers

Core Matters' Lotions and Potions farmer's market display

"Your best medicine is in your own backyard."


While I firmly believe food is the best preventative medicine we have available to avoid ailments, aches and pains, sometimes our body needs a little help. 


Unhappy with the many commercial products on the market that are laden with chemicals or are overly processed and non-organic, I used my knowledge of herbs and plants in the Utah area to develop my own line of Core Matters SLC Lotions & Potions for Adventurers. 


Believing in the saying that "Your best medicine is in your own backyard," my products feature many native plants, herbs and trees known for their healing and rejuvenating properties.   All other ingredients used are organic, unrefined, fair-trade and sustainably sourced whenever possible.


My Utah-based company includes products designed with the adventurer in mind.  While the lotions and balms are crafted to nourish the skin, the tinctures and teas aid in realigning the body, and all help in the healing process. 



I use products I gather myself or locally made, and I often use essential oils made by Eric Scott who is located in Boulder, Utah.  Pinyon pine pitch, nettles, cottonwood oil, plantain, and elderberries are just a few of our local ingredients.


We don't use any chemicals, fragrances, or artificial preservatives which can stress the body's immune system.


We use pure plant power!


We are a member of United Plant Savers, an organization whose mission is to protect medicinal plants and their habitat in North America.  We are also a member of Utah's Own and Local First.

 Selecting plants for Lotions and Potions products
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Did You Know?


Part of the mission for Core Matters SLC Lotions & Potions is to help spread awareness and support environmental concerns.  Every year we donate 10 percent of our profits to charities involved in animal welfare, environmental causes, and plant/herb oriented organizations.


Past donations have included the Oceanic Preservation Society, Sea Shepherd, United Plant Savers,  Save Our Canyons, Sea Turtle Conservancy, American Horse Preservation Campaign, and others.


Thank you to everyone who purchased our products to make these donations possible!  


We Love This Stuff!

"I just wanted to update you that I bought your honeycomb butter at least 2 years ago, and I'm still using it!  My hands get destroyed working in the garden, and nothing repairs them like your honeycomb butter!  Thank you for helping me to keep my hands in my passion!  Hope all is well for you and your loved ones during this crazy season of life.  Thankful for you!"


"As both an avid cyclist as well as a busy spin instructor, my legs seem to be in constant motion.  Many days I'd spend the first 30 minutes of rides trying to ride through the pain, that is until I was introduced to RecoverQuik


At the end of a heavy day I rub RecoverQuik into my legs.  The relief I feel when I wake up allows me to start my ride pain free instead of having to spend the first portion of a ride working through the pain and heavy legs feeling."


"Oops! Oil is a necessity for any natural medicine cabinet or first aid kit.  It's perfect for cuts on the hand or for any wound and accelerates healing time.  Great product!"


"I recently burned my bicep on my oven door.  One 1/2 inch long burn and right on the tender skin.  I was sure it would scar.  I started Lya's Scar Goo faithfully for three or four times per day and within a week it literally disappeared.  Wow!  This cream works and is all organic and ethical."


"I'm a barefoot farmer and suffer from deep and painful cracks in my feet, especially my heels.  I met Lya at a farmer's market where I explained my dilemma to her.  She passed along a jar of her Oops! Oil.  What a relief!  The balm softened the fissures in my heels and left a non-sticky protective layer which allowed the cracks to heal as I continued working.  I have been so sold on her potions that I specifically requested her products stock the shelves of my brick-and-mortar storefront."


Note:  While I do use natural and organic ingredients, essential oils are powerful elements.  Some people have adverse reactions to certain flowers and herbs, so use common sense and if you develop a rash or any reaction to a product, stop using it.  Furthermore, some physicians recommend women avoid certain seemingly harmless essential oils during their pregnancy, such as lavender.  Please consult your doctor if you are pregnant to determine if you should use any essential oils.


Because these are pure, strong essences, a little goes a long way.  Use sparingly, but enjoy immensely!  Please e-mail or call me if you have questions about specific oils and blends used. 

Core Matters SLC

(801) 631-0995

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