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Tour Consulting

I have used my varied C.H.E.K practitioner skills to travel with the band U2 to make sure the road crew stayed healthy.  I served on the 2015 Innocence & Experience tour, the 2017 Joshua Tree 30 tour, and the 2018 Experience & Innocence tour.  I was busy, overseeing more than 100 people, but enjoyed the challenge of keeping everyone rocking and rolling.  I have also served as a dietary consultant for the Westminster basketball team.


Whether you are a band on tour, a company looking to help your employees manage stress, or a team or group looking to improve performance, developing a healthy lifestyle is key to your successful "tour."


I am available for tours, retreats, sports seasons, and special events.  My goal is to help you help your team perform at its best.


Let's get going!

What I Can Offer


A workout program that can help an individual prepare for the rigors of touring or the demands of the job and address specific needs such as posture issues or chronic overuse injuries.


The workout program will be modified during the consultation period to make sure the individual is as healthy as possible.  Working out is great, but “working in,” exercises that build energy, are even more vital during high stress times. 


For an individual to have a successful workout program, it is crucial programs are modified to address the daily demands of the individual.  For instance, a drummer would have very different demands on the body than a guitarist.  Likewise, someone who types all day has different needs from someone who is on his feet all day. My C.H.E.K training, which is based on posture, allows me to understand these nuances and develop individualized programs.


Dietary guidance before and during a tour, season, or project.  My emphasis is on developing anti-inflammatory food plans. Inflammatory foods cause instability in the joints, which can make a person vulnerable to injuries or aggravate chronic issues such as arthritis.


I can work with caterers and individuals involved to determine which foods should and shouldn’t be included in diet plans to ensure individuals are receiving proper nutrition.


On-site care.  Today's schedules are very rigorous and injuries and illnesses will occur, despite our best efforts to avoid them.  I can provide therapeutic exercises and dietary recommendations for these situations as well as oversee workouts, nutrition, etc. for the individuals concerned.


I can create and provide workshops and seminars covering topics such as stress management, posture, stretching and proper food plans for crew members to help create a good working environment for all involved.


U2 performing
Lya onstage before a concert

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