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Seminars for Health and Wellness
Monthly Seminars

I give monthly seminars at BodyWise Fitness. These seminars are an affordable and convenient way to learn a lot of new skills so sign up for my seminar e-mail list to be notified of events.  


Seminars are open to members and non-members of BodyWise Fitness.

Upcoming Seminars

Topics in Upcoming Seminars


Osteoporosis - How exercise and lifestyle choices can affect bone health.


Sports Nutrition - Sports performance starts with making the right nutritional choices!


Breathing - Breathing is an action we do more than 20,000 times a day, yet most people don't breathe correctly.  Learn proper breathing mechanics.


Head|Neck|Shoulders Seminar - The muscles of the upper body take a beating in the modern lifestyle.  Learn how to stretch this area and some proper exercises to keep good posture.

I work out of Bodywise Fitness, a fantastic gym located on Foothill in Salt Lake City.


You don’t have to be a member to train or meet with me, but the facility I believe is something to brag about since we have a large weight room, cycling classes, pilates classes and TRX classes. 


Our instructors are some of the best in the valley, come play with us!


BodyWise Fitness

1400 Foothill Drive, Suite #20

Salt Lake City, Ut 84108

(801) 583-0200

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Group Speaking Seminars forHealth and Wellness
Group Speaking Seminars

I am available to speak to groups on a variety of health topics.  Common topics are covered below or if you have something in mind, let's talk!  


Please e-mail or call for more information.

Get the Gluten Out - Why many people would benefit from a life without gluten.  Today gluten intolerance is becoming a household word with more than 60-70 of Americans having some level of intolerance.  Learn what the signs are and how you can live gluten free.


Foundation Principles of Health - Want to get healthy?  Follow the six foundation principles of proper sleep, exercise, hydration, nutrition, breathing and thinking.  Learn why these principles are so crucial to your health and how you can easily follow them.


Stretching - Learn how to stretch, when to stretch, why some muscles should be stretched and others should not.


Don't be a Weenie Woman, Be a Wonder Woman - Learn the unique challenges and considerations women face when working out. Learn why certain exercises should be performed by all women and learn what it takes to get the flat stomach you've always wanted.


Label Reading - What to look for, what to avoid in the grocery store to make the best nutritional choices for you.


Stress-reducing Secrets - Stress is one of the biggest factors in determining how healthy one is.  Learn why it is so important to control stress and how to control it.


Breast Cancer Awareness - What you need to know from a holistic point of view to help protect yourself from breast cancer.  Learn how certain lifestyle choices and nutrition choices can better your chances of avoiding breast cancer.


Posture Perfect - Discover how migraines, digestive issues and other ailments are affected by poor posture.  Learn what exercises can help correct posture and  address overuse injuries caused by poor posture.  Also learn how you can set up your office desk to best address posture issues.

Group Speaking Seminar Topics

Core Matters SLC

(801) 631-0995

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