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Core Matters SLC

Welcome to the site of C.H.E.K Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Lya Wodraska. 

Picture of Lya Wodraska.At Core Matters SLC I help you achieve your optimum level of health by getting to the core of your needs.  I can help you hone your diet, address physical deficiencies through corrective exercise programs, and prepare for a specific athletic event or sport by designing strength and conditioning programs.  Using an integrated approach that addresses all aspects of health will help you reach your optimum level of fitness.

I am certified by the C.H.E.K Institute, which was founded by Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Neuromuscular Therapist Paul Chek.  Based in San Diego, the institute is recognized world-wide for its corrective exercise, high-performance conditioning, and lifestyle and stress management programs. 

I hold the following certifications:

  • C.H.E.K Practitioner, Level II
  • C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level II
  • C.H.E.K Golf Biomechanic Coach
  • Certified Olympic Lifting Coach
  • Certified Spinning Instructor, Level II 

As an exercise coach I am trained in functional exercise techniques and individual program design.  As a holistic coach, I understand the important roles that sleep, food quality, stress reduction techniques and exercise play in improving the vitality of clients.  As someone who has lived the program, I understand the challenges and obstacles one will face in his or her path toward fitness. 

Let me help you down that path!  I am available for training and physical assessments.  Contact me for more information.

Mission StatementPicture of tree rings.

I view health and wellness much the same way as the rings emanating from a tree's core that are created during its growth.  Like a tree, you need strong layers, built one upon the other, to make a strong pillar that can withstand and thrive through all the tests and challenges modern life supplies.

Your rings are your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, and emotions all integrated to make your tree.  If your roots are deep and you have a strong core, you will have the strength to make it through anything!  Think about a tree:  The deeper the roots are planted, the more solid its foundation and the better its extremities survive storms, diseases and injured or broken limbs.  The analogy is the same whether you are facing a lifestyle challenge or an athletic event.

It is my desire to help my clients become just like that solid tree, whether they are athletes or desk jockeys who want to survive the rigors of the day and have plenty of energy for their hobbies and families.  I do this by using whole-minded philosophies and advances methods in assessment, scientific research and holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching, an approach based on the six foundation principles of the C.H.E.K Institute.  These principles changed my life and made me a stronger athlete.  They can do the same for you!

6 Foundation Principles of the C.H.E.K Institute

1.  Sleep - Get to bed by 10:30 p.m.  Your physical repair cycle begins about 10:00 p.m. and runs until about 2:00 a.m.  Your neurological/hormonal systems do most of their repair cycles between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.  So get to bed so your body can be strong for the next day!

2.  Exercise - It doesn't need to be a hardcore workout, just get some regular MOVEMENT!  Walking, yoga, aerobic exercise all have great benefits.  Remember, train not drain your body!

3.  Hydration - The average human needs to drink half his or her body weight in water in ounces a day.  So if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces a day.  Remember this is a minimum!  If you sweat more, you'll need to drink more.

4.  Nutrition - Aim for a healthy diet of unrefined, unprocessed foods and keep your intake of sugar and white flour to a minimum.  Buy as much organic as you can afford, putting a priority on meats and dairy.

5.  Breathing - Breathing is something we do around 20,000 times a day.  Make sure you do it correctly by taking big deep breaths in which your lower stomach fills out as you take a breath then drops backs in as you breathe out.

6.  Thinking - Get plenty of quiet time.  How and what you think has a profound affect on your body.  Focus on creating what you want with your thoughts, not what you don't want!

And Remember:  "I Before 'We' Always!"

Take care of yourself first so you can be strong mentally and physically and in the best position to care for those you love!

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